• Baby On Board

    Baby On Board
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    Except for a few spells ashore, Dudley and I lived on boats most of our married life. I was truly happy living afloat, the small living space never worried me and I enjoyed the freedom of always having the possibility of lifting up anchor to sail elsewher

  • Les Antilles à la voile

    Les Antilles à la voile
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    Journal de bord, histoires de vie, photos de nos croisières en voilier dans la Caraïbe, de la Martinique vers St Lucia et les Grenadines, la Dominique, la Guadeloupe, Antigua.


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    The blog NAVIGAMUS is mainly dedicated to sailing with particular attention to sports associations, crews and the Italian sailors who are the backbone of this activity my country.

  • Port to Port

    Port to Port
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    About Freight and Transport, Port Procedure and Regulation, International Port, Maritime, Cargo Export & Import, Maritime, Forwarder, Customs Brokers, Handling Etc

  • Sailing With Albie!

    Sailing With Albie!
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    Sharing sailing adventures with you! Some of you may be wishing they had their own boat or just want to 'get away' even if just at home on the web. So each week I dedided to write down my feelings while out at sea and share them with you. If you enjoy the

  • SEA SUN STORIES...sailing around the world

    SEA SUN STORIES...sailing around the world
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    Our trip started in 2011 from Barcelona. We sailed all around the Med for two years. Beginning 2014 we crossed the Atlantic and moved to the Caribbean. And we dream to keep sailing just all around the world ...

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