• The Club of Happy Life-Preneurs

    The Club of Happy Life-Preneurs
    41 Rank Reviews

    Kein Jutesack, keine Esoterik, einfach handfeste, realitätsnahe Tipps und Erfahrungen von Lebens-Unternehmern für Lebens-Unternehmer. Im Club für Glück findest Du Artikel über: Ziele finden und umsetzen, Lebens-Träume identifzieren, Selbsterkenntni

  • The Dame

    The Dame
    42 Rank Reviews

    A kick-ass lifestyle blog for people outside of the status quo covering advice, feminism, style, art, photography, tattoos and interviews with unusual people leading unconventional lives.

  • tintamerahku

    43 Rank Reviews

    Kotak Sampah Menemukan sebuah ruang kosong, diantara kiri dan kanan otak, mencoba mengisi dengan sedikit cerita dan berbagi sedikit wacana. Semua yang tersurat hanyalah opini belaka, tanpa ada maksud dan tendensi yang berlebihan.

  • Wellness Soup

    Wellness Soup
    44 Rank Reviews

    Complete wellness living focusing on personal and professional relationships from male and female points of view. You will find daily quotes, dating advice, excercise and dieting tips among other things to live well.

  • Why Should You Not Commit Suicide?

    Why Should You Not Commit Suicide?
    45 Rank Reviews

    It's about encouraging suicidal people not to give up on life. On why they should live life and not quit. This blog tries to discourage people from committing suicide.

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