• ::| Fish's Philosophy |::

    ::| Fish's Philosophy |::
    41 Rank Reviews

    20s something New Yorker blogger who blog about lifestyle, unique shop, restaurant review, travel experience and photography. The chronicles and daily musings of a 20s freelance blogger/student in NYC.

  • A Better Mindset

    A Better Mindset
    42 Rank Reviews

    I am assuming that "mindset" is a functional unit of the mind that is updated infrequently and underlies thought, decision making and emotions. It is the operating platform supporting habits and skills. This site suggests deliberately modifying it is des

  • A Better You

    A Better You
    43 Rank Reviews

    A blog offering professional relationship, self improvement, and personal development advice all in one place! Get all the latest facts, reports, and help you need to make all your relationships better.

  • A Brit In Spain

    A Brit In Spain
    44 Rank Reviews

    Information, happenings and events in the lives of two Brits living in Blanca, Murcia previously on the Costa Blanca in Spain, New blog postings on a regular basis with occasional guest posts.

  • A Contemporary Perspective from a Medicine Woman

    A Contemporary Perspective from a Medicine Woman
    45 Rank Reviews

    A contemporary perspective from a practicing Medicine Woman walking a shamanic path. Sharing wisdom, journeys, life, and visions. Guest bloggers twice a week share additional perspectives.

  • A Dull Roar

    A Dull Roar
    46 Rank Reviews

    Thinking of becoming an expat? Tired of reading all the glossy tourist operator and real estate agency ads? Get a realistic view of retirement and living in Costa Rica from A Dull Roar, written by an expat with nothing to sell you.

  • A great wedding checklist

    A great wedding checklist
    47 Rank Reviews

    Hair and makeup wedding day every bride wants to look could not be better, hair and makeup to be perfect, so must capture these aspects, before dancing and spending hours to tell the word.

  • a hairdresser blog.a personal blog of Lito Antoque

    a hairdresser blog.a personal blog of Lito Antoque
    48 Rank Reviews

    a personal blog of Lito A.ntoque.A hairdresser who loves to write about hair,beauty,fashion and about the beauty industry.This blog also talks about music,food and events

  • A Healthy Earth

    A Healthy Earth
    49 Rank Reviews

    A website dedicated to truth and changing you by exploring topics from Religion and God to Relationships and Love. Learn to see the world in a completely different light so you may find happiness.

  • A Hot Cup of Coffee kind of Morning

    A Hot Cup of Coffee kind of Morning
    50 Rank Reviews

    Excerpts from new book, Blunt Force winds, dealing with a main character who struggles with addiction, death, and relationships. Set in Adirondacks and Shenandoah Valley. Beautiful posted pictures.Also posts about life changing experiences. Encourages oth

  • A journey of self-Discovery

    A journey of self-Discovery
    51 Rank Reviews

    My passion is traveling. I believe travelling is a journey of self-discovery, open -mindedness, reflection and soul searching. It gives ones soul the ability to engage and interact with diverse cultures and people. It’s a journey that expands your know

  • A Libertarian Opinion

    A Libertarian Opinion
    52 Rank Reviews

    A blog about current events and politics from a libertarian point of view. Topics covered in this blog include economics, politics, freedom and liberty, and rants about government incompetence.

  • A Luz da Citânia

    A Luz da Citânia
    53 Rank Reviews

    A Place of Lusitânia ...Lusitânia is Portugal's Ancestral Soul ... Here , you can find a place to Rest , to Enjoy and to Know more ,about What is Portugal , His Spirituality , Tradition , History , Culture and Beauty .

  • A new Muslimah has married a Muslim man without he

    A new Muslimah has married a Muslim man without he
    54 Rank Reviews

    A new Muslimah has married a Muslim man without her family’s knowledge I am a Chinese girl married to a Lebanese Muslim man. The main reason for this is that I have become Muslim… we got married in the Islamic manner, but this marr

  • A Postcard a Day

    A Postcard a Day
    55 Rank Reviews

    Travel, history, geography, art, trivia. They all come together through postcards. I'm one of those people who have led a nomadic existence, and so did my parents. My father started collecting postcards as a way to continue this life at least in spirit

  • A todo papo: Vividores, frikis, jetas y corruptos

    A todo papo: Vividores, frikis, jetas y corruptos
    56 Rank Reviews

    Desenmascaramos a todos esos vividores, frikis, jetas, políticos corruptos y sinvergüenzas que nos tratan de chupar, con sus inmensas caraduras, hasta la sangre cada día.

  • A Virgin post by Vels

    A Virgin post by Vels
    57 Rank Reviews

    Vivid confusions of real life A blog to display the current crisis of a young middle class family man in India none other than myself. Thank you for spending your time here

  • A Wedding Like A Fairytale

    A Wedding Like A Fairytale
    58 Rank Reviews

    Artistic Wedding Photography and more... We are professional wedding photographers, worldwide available. Bringing your dreams at life in a theme photosession can be the best choice you can make for your wedding photos.

  • A Whinger in France

    A Whinger in France
    59 Rank Reviews

    A humorous look at news and events from around the world with comments pertaining to the weird and wonderful and the way people relate to strange happenings related therein.

  • A.k.a. Chymecindy

    A.k.a. Chymecindy
    60 Rank Reviews

    A personal photography and inspiration blog. It talks about my daily life, adventures, personal style, photography, art, inspirations, my hobbies and my daily journal.

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