• A Bloggers Books

    A Bloggers Books
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    This writing site is full of writing jobs, useful links, free writing tips, and submissions' guidelines for new writers and bloggers. We list helpful websites for newbies and write tutorials to help you get better at writing online and creating your own b

  • A Different Kind of Story

    A Different Kind of Story
    2 Rank Reviews

    A collection of Jeffrey's own creations of written stories about gay and bisexual male depicting lifestyle and romance in filipino setting. Free for anyone open minded to read. All articles are copyright protected.

  • adsense pdf the online money resources

    adsense pdf the online money resources
    3 Rank Reviews

    Adsense PDF is a site providing the adsense ebook for more income,you can download it for free and get free tips to making money online for free ,free pdf ebook ads

  • Allen Dusk - Horror Author

    Allen Dusk - Horror Author
    4 Rank Reviews

    This author of dark fiction, eerie prose and horrific erotica, blogs about his current projects and some of his methods for writing various styles and genre of fiction.

  • And They Quote

    And They Quote
    5 Rank Reviews

    Success Quotes, Motivational Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Love Quotes, Awesome Quotes, Business Quotes, Money Quotes, Life Quotes, Movie Quotes, Music Quotes, Religion Quotes, The Best Feeling in the World, Interesting Thoughts

  • Angels

    6 Rank Reviews

    The appeal of angels is easy to understand. In an age of uncertainty and upheaval, it is extremely comforting to believe in the existence of spiritual beings whose principal employment is the protection and encouragement of human beings.

  • Another Author

    Another Author
    7 Rank Reviews

    A blog to discuss about books I read, book reviews, author interviews, plot and character information, writing tips, publishing info and other finer aspects of life of an Author.

  • Apostilas para Concursos

    Apostilas para Concursos
    8 Rank Reviews

    As melhores apostilas para concursos públicos, Empregos, Estágios,Concursos Públicos,Dicas, notícias e editais de concursos previstos e com inscrições abertas. Download apostila digital para concursos públicos em pdf.

  • Astridestella.org

    9 Rank Reviews

    This blog contains excerpts of my books and examples of my writing. I write inspirational and channel poetry from spirit. It also contains some information about my work as a psychic medium and has links to my other sites

  • Author Tarah L. Wolff

    Author Tarah L. Wolff
    10 Rank Reviews

    My name is Tarah L. Wolff and this is where I write about the doubt. And this is where I write about the work and the living with rejection, day-to-day, trying to become a novelist. No matter who we are, whether we start our days at five in the morning w

  • Author's Corner Blog

    Author's Corner Blog
    11 Rank Reviews

    This is the place where the party is! I’ll be hosting several online parties throughout the year for authors and readers to interact. Some of the main events will be the Valentine’s Day Party, Summer Fun Party and Christmas Party.

  • Babbling Books

    Babbling Books
    12 Rank Reviews

    This is the blog of an enthusiastic reader. I delve into literature, history, philosophy science and more. Most of what one is likely to find here are not plain reviews. Instead, when I discuss a book I tend to write about a thought or two that I have abo

  • Barbara Brooke

    Barbara Brooke
    13 Rank Reviews

    A simple touch and suddenly, Paige is in the past - living someone else's life, seeing the world through their eyes, and feeling their deepest emotions. Paige used to think memories only existed in one's mind. But now, she knows better. She can't explai

  • Bee-come! A collection of short stories on bees.

    Bee-come! A collection of short stories on bees.
    14 Rank Reviews

    Bee-come! hosts a book entitled, bee-come! Written in a fiction format it entertains, inspires & highlights the importance of bees. It also includes a list of organisation that reades may would like to know to get involve practically in conserving bees.

  • Believing In Horses -writing, life lessons, horses

    Believing In Horses -writing, life lessons, horses
    15 Rank Reviews

    Thoughts on many aspects of writing, discussions of life lessons, sometimes horses, and many times current events. Blogger Valerie Ormond is a writer and author of Believing in Horses, a novel about a young girl committed to saving unwanted horses.

  • BookFreak: The ProseFreak Files

    BookFreak: The ProseFreak Files
    16 Rank Reviews

    Get your book freak on with one of the most irreverent Book Blogs on the web. It's literary book reviews and the world of literature like you've never read them before. Indulge at your own peril...miss it at your own risk.

  • Books are the best partners of Human...

    Books are the best partners of Human...
    17 Rank Reviews

    Download all kinds of Books in Pdf and in urdu translation. Also Download Englsih series books that help you in your work... keep Getting Knowledge where it has to provide you

  • Books Avenue

    Books Avenue
    18 Rank Reviews

    Here are some book suggestions, a list of book choices, each one guaranteed to be extremely good, bestselling books. Find out the most important information from the book.

  • C.J's Dark Fiction and Reviews

    C.J's Dark Fiction and Reviews
    19 Rank Reviews

    I'm a dark fiction writer and I offer reviews of dark fiction on my blog. Horror, Thriller, Suspense, Crime—any type, as long as it's dark fiction. I post reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and on my blog.

  • Canadian Book Addict

    Canadian Book Addict
    20 Rank Reviews

    I will review books that I read .I mostly read Paranormal/Fantasy Romance novels but once in a while I will read other genre. I will be doing a lot of reviews of books I have bought but I also will be reviewing books that I have received for free for my h

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