• "Watercolour Figures" ... paintings by Pauline Ada

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    Watercolour figures painted daily by Australian artist Pauline Adair. "I have painted and been inspired by many and varied subjects over the years, and I have explored the figure and portraits in my art extensively.  I create my figure paintings as a

  • Anthony Richardson - OverVoice Blog

    Anthony Richardson - OverVoice Blog
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    Sorry, you are? Hi, I’m Anthony Richardson and I am a leading international professional voice over artist, based in the United Kingdom. I specialise in cost effective, Received Pronunciation (accent-free), voice overs for film, television and radio. I

  • Antonis T. Photos & Stories

    Antonis T. Photos & Stories
    3 Rank Reviews

    Photo-blogging by artist Antonis T. Pictures and thoughts about alternative art and independent artist. Photography, music, live shows, video and alternative arts.

  • Artist Finds New Style. Artist and printmaker Lou Stovall

    Artist Finds New Style. Artist and printmaker Lou Stovall
    4 Rank Reviews

    Artists used many styles in their paintings and drawings. Here are some of the more common styles of art. Learn about each style and how to identify it. An art movement is a tendency or style in art with a specific common philosophy or goal, followed by a

  • Asha Theblog

    Asha Theblog
    5 Rank Reviews

    Asha TheBlog...By PIUSH TRIVEDI Know More About Piush Trivedi Please Visit Site ... It is a site about all that you ever search and I am sure that you can help to go on.

  • ashar art

    ashar art
    6 Rank Reviews

    The site is about my art and views on art, I make weekly posts on my current work, and what inspires me. I am looking for critical comment on my work to further inform it. I have a BA (Hons) in contemporary fine art, and I will be going onto do an MA at

  • Automotive Fine Art Studio Blog - Car Art

    Automotive Fine Art Studio Blog - Car Art
    7 Rank Reviews

    Car art, personal stories, info and insights from the Automotive Fine Art Studio of "Reflections of Horsepower" artist, Michael Irvine. A true car guy, when he’s not creating automotive paintings, Michael joins fellow enthusiasts in restoring and enjoyi

  • AutoSugestivo

    8 Rank Reviews

    Sou o começo de tudo sou o suspiro de uma brisa sou um leve pensamento que vaga por turbilhoes de ideias, sou meio do caminho para que os cansados repousem sua jornada, sou a pedra no encalço de muitos que se desviam de mim, sou a alegria e a tristeza q

  • Blog do Binhuh

    Blog do Binhuh
    9 Rank Reviews

    Blog de variedades, humor, videos e muita sensualidade, se procura diversao, aqui voce encontra, faça desse o seu local de diversao e curtiçao na internet, venha conferir com agente

  • brut digital art

    brut digital art
    10 Rank Reviews

    There’s this hunger for beauty in every form and shape that drives my creative process, consisting of finding uncommon views of things ordinary. Being essentially a collector, I find photography to be the perfect media, as it gives me a tool to harvest

  • Coates and Scarry

    Coates and Scarry
    11 Rank Reviews

    Art bloggers of the contemporary art scene. We interview some of the best new artists emerging toady from all over the world and invite them to share their insights with on their inspiration, techniques and how they arrived at being an artists.

  • Crazy Critter Creatures

    Crazy Critter Creatures
    12 Rank Reviews

    An art based blog examining a variety of medias including: Copic Markers Oil Painting Acrylic Painting Watercolor Painting Pencil Drawing Sculpture Street Paintings

  • Culturalbased-art

    13 Rank Reviews

    My aesthetic philosophy on art. I am a strong advocate of culture and i strive to showcase culture in my Art. “I believe art is a celebration of life which brings a greater appreciation of the world we live in."

  • Eprediksi.INFO

    14 Rank Reviews

    Prediksi Skor Sepak Bola dan Video Hasil Skor, Foto Artis, Artis Indonesia, Prediksi, Ramalan Zodiak, Gambar Artis Terbaru, Foto Terkini, Artis Pria, Artis Wanita oleh www.eprediksi.info

  • Fabian Gabor | Professional photographer

    Fabian Gabor | Professional photographer
    15 Rank Reviews

    Unpublished photos in my portfolio (Portrait, Glamour, Fine Art Nude), behind the scenes infos, interesting news, photo contests, featuring other photographers, sometimes casting for models.

  • fashion trend

    fashion trend
    16 Rank Reviews

    I won't be posting for a few days! But I hope you all have a very merry christmas and hope you get every thing you wanted! Don't forget to rock those party frocks and keep your self fashionable! Have a good one! I will be posting soon!

  • Fuchsinkind

    17 Rank Reviews

    A whimsical amalgamation of life, art and pure imagination. Here you will find my personal reviews of film and literature, samples of my photography, random journals and writing exercises, and anything and everything I appreciate. Yes, that includes annoy

  • Funny Biz Cartoons and Design

    Funny Biz Cartoons and Design
    18 Rank Reviews

    Custom Cartoon Art and Design Services By Cartoonist Simon Lake. Funny & edgy Greetings cards,Corporate cartoons and caricatures for presentations, Cartoon Logo and Mascot design.

  • Heather Torres Art

    Heather Torres Art
    19 Rank Reviews

    Orlando, Florida based watercolor artist, Heather Torres shares her paintings and the stories behind them. Learn more about her work, her favorite artists, and view paintings as she submits new entries weekly.

  • Jennifer Morrison Contemporary Fine Artist

    Jennifer Morrison Contemporary Fine Artist
    20 Rank Reviews

    A Colorado Contemporary Fine Artist.. Jennifer's works are often noted for their unique style, elegance, and vibrant colors. Jennifer is a listed artist in Southwest Art Magazine with several of her artworks spotlighted. She is also a member of the Parker

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